What's all this robot boy?

March 19, 2021

This one's for Chester Bennington's 45th birthday.

People don't break down
when only papercuts are left
in this castle of bones,
they come one step closer
to the forgotten relations
searching for the end, in the end.

They don't push themselves away
when sun stops rising up
and catalyst of life starts fading away.
They burn their emotions with heavy heart,
silent cries and fainted smile
and wait for a million stars to shower light.

Is it the bleeding that hurts
or the pain that's easier to replace with breaking habits,
or it's the vase of feelings that gets victimized
when wrapped in a fragile tinfoil of memories
travelling the invisible road of empty spaces,
can you answer, you robot boy?

Happy 45th Chester. Your voice, songs, and passion is alive and most probably making you feel proud. You're greatly missed.

Also, please answer the above question.

Thank you for the support, Chester.