To you, Arcturus 🌟

August 13, 2021

Days inside the dungeon of thoughts
to work for the greater cause
with logs of stress saving on my memory
and tints of tensions blocking up my vibes,
asking me to stop the time.

I crave for things light years away
maybe dead, they encourage me to stay afloat,
guide me to a better place
with me and my favourite star, trailing on some galaxy's range
turning towards a never ending game.

I wait for nights to come,
wish to clouds to shun away from my sight
so that I can look at sky,
convey to Arcturus my typical "Hi",
and have all my tension relieved.

In summer it's always on top of my head
In winters, does the 4am call to exhibit its presence,
this red giant made me believe in forever,
showed up when the world had forgotten,
It will be there even when I won't be here.