To 2020

April 29, 2020

Do you remember that water-glass analogy where we’re supposed to be optimistic, saying that glass is half filled. If I apply that analogy to 2020, I swear the person will see the worst of me. We’re just 4 months into 2020 and it is treating us excruciatingly like we’re in some worst place. Looking at the remaining months feels like a complete torture. I mean, who likes slow death?

In December 2019, we were excited as hell to leave past everything and welcome to-be-called the best year. First, the breathtaking Australia’s bushfire killing more than 500 million animals , then talks of World War III, countries throwing missiles on each other they’re playing dodge ball, then WHO declared Covid-19, a pandemic which made(still making) whole world go down, economically, mentally and physically. Whole world is in a lock down, people can’t meet their loved ones, some are even losing their loved ones. These are very few of the so many worst things happened till now. Oh Yes! Many influential, respected and incredible people made their way to a much more peaceful place leaving us all in grief, Kobe Bryant, Gene Deitch, Irrfan Khan to name a few. And not just them, at the time of writing this, 218500+ people have died because of Covid-19 and I’m numb now.

And the reason I’m writing this post, well Irrfan’s death is a huge shock and is personal for billions of people. That man battled almost all his life, earned what not but he never forgot his roots. Yes, I never met him but he was(can’t believe writing ‘was’) one of the most versatile person. My cousin used to tell us when we were kids that Irrfan is uncle to his friend and that gave me chills then. He lived every role to the fullest in reel life but not in his real life. His hard-work, decency, lively character and passion will live within us till we’re alive.

Aadmi ka sapna toot jata hai na, toh aadmi khatam ho jata hai.(When a man’s dream is broken, man’s life gets finished.) – Irrfan Khan


I just was having those feel-good moments, and lost them again.
I’ve always waited for dooms day and now, I’m impatient and probably calling God or whoever is running this simulation of life to just end it, enough of this. Positive-negative is not balanced right now. Yes, there are certain good news regarding climate but it doesn’t matters now. Earth needs some rest.

I seriously got to say a lot of things to the worst year aka 2020 but just can’t, so I’ll finish this off with- “wubba lubba dub dub“.