Mother Earth

April 22, 2021

Got no words to describe mother earth
yet so many thoughts to talk about.

Legend has it, she's the only known mother of billions of children,
was born billions of years back
on the occasion of the big bang.

She had several mood swings that changed her dynamics.
Some say it's a protection mechanism,
and some say the children were mischievous.
She provides nutrition to them in every possible way,
with minerals, trees, air, and life,
that sometimes in the process, nothing lefts aside for her.

She's a fine mother, with capabilities so strong
that other parents sneak on her skills
finding ways to destroy her world.
Little knowing she's actually hurt, extremely injured
because of her over-loved children who couldn't care less of her,
and couldn't care more about their selfishness.

With war wounds all over the body,
exorbitant production of unhealthy hormones,
she's losing the mechanism to stay intact.
Her friends say she's stressed
to a level, they've never seen in the neighborhood
but they fear to help, fear to listen, thinking it's contagious.

She's calling for peace, crying for sanity,
wants to fight her outer demons
who turn out to be her own children.
So she's scared of her body now,
thinks of escaping this crust sometimes,
creating a whole new tribe or living a lonely life.

Earth day is one of the most important days of the year for me because of certain changes that happened to me on this same day a few years back which made me grow more closer to mother earth. And so for the same reason, I do a lot of things different for which people call me bit crazy about whole climate change, environment-sensitive scenario. I'm all okay with it, but what I'm not cool about is how people ignore climate change, every second there's a fire going on in some forests around the world, there are animals and plants in oceans dying because of plastic, millions of tons of glaciers melting every hour, all leading to severe changes in the environment, our lives, our future and there's just one thing common in all - We, humans.

Yes, I agree that governments should make policies to prevent things that contribute to this disastrous change but I don't care if governments are doing something or not regarding this issue. Governments may run their country but it's us, humans who collectively take the grace of mother earth. Each person, without even spending money can do a lot of things to save water, trees, electricity, air, and whatnot.

Please, either adapt or plant a tree daily or do both.

Happy Earth Day! 🌍