Lost Us: Covid times

May 9, 2021

There's a home down the lane
where lights are future and talks are past,
tenants are invisible, silence is endless
and neighbors keep their distance.

There's a patch of land few blocks ahead
it's glowing at its peak
but what's the occasion, tells no one
with tears outside and shallow soul.

There's a multistorey building few miles away,
it's filled up like there's some sale's going on
where buyer pays a lot in lottery of life
and still comes out helpless, sometimes breathless

There are millions of families around me
playing games within their homes,
of hiding out their mammocked selves
while puzzling down to get upbeat lives.

Quoting from one of TVF's Qtiyapa episode, "I'm Stunned", just to express the feeling while also trying to gain little fun energy to keep up with everything happening. My known ones fighting hard with this pathetic disease and system, losing their lives. My friends, classmates trying to power themselves to fight the loss of their closest ones. And all others trying their best to stop these mishappenings. Victory isn't possible now, only the extent to which this disaster will go can be controlled if identified on time.