And she left her home

November 29, 2020

One of my sisters got married recently. Being one the closest cousin to me, the last part of this whole wedding process got me pretty sad.

This I'm writing because I could not get a proper goodbye from her(just the circumstances).

She goes places and turn 'em palaces
eats food like no one's watching
still so small like a fairy kid.
She talks stupid but things of love
adjusts everywhere, she's very flexible
I believe she'll be happy in her new beginning.

I'll miss watching movies with her,
when she used to hold me to hide from ghosts
asking questions on questions like I built the roles,
crying together in emotional scenes,
giving laughable expressions occasionally
and laughing worry free even with shit load of work.

She shouts "bhai" when she meets
and hugs hard as if we were times apart
it's love in purest form I say,
until I pull her hair like some strings
and make her fun with others
then it's cute, stupid, fake angered face.

She's a powerhouse of all-rounder skills,
her creative brain did all my paintings,
she sings as if being trained by Goddess Sarasvati
and dances like a beautiful peacock,
shops like a lost raider
and cares for all like Maa.

Maybe I'll just wait for her to come home
with her idiotic, creative brain and endless love.
I'll forever be in debt for the support she provided
in the worst of my life and best of the times,
so I believe the same from my side,
for now she has left her home, following life's guide.

I'll never be able to say her on face without crying how much I love her.

Hope we cousins go on a trip real soon.