We love the Earth, right?

April 21, 2019

Yesterday, while taking a study break I was listening to songs, scrolling through the “Today’s top hits” and suddenly the song titled “Earth” got my attention. I had just 5 minutes more to my break(and I always prefer old songs in such case), and what I did, I’ll always pat on myself(Thanks Jashn for listening to such a great song).

Recently, Lil dicky(David, okay!) came out with his new song “Earth“. To be honest, it’s the best song I’ve heard all this time. The message(so strong) is conveyed in such a manner that I think people will get their head kick started to believe what the f*ck they were doing to Mother Earth. The song talks about Earth being our home, the animals(cute) telling about themselves, ways we can spread love, happiness via proper handling of nature(lol sorry, I know nature is the one who handles us, we’re no one, but love is there in nature, and we must not destroy it). And I liked this song so much that I can’t resist attaching the same below(along with the links to the videos where Lil dicky is talking about the problem and solution of this ever increasing issue of sustainable environment.

Spreading awareness is amazing, but are we really changing from such messages? I won’t lie by saying yes. Most of the people get motivated just for a few days(of hours(or minutes)), which does not seem good. Not talking about why I’ll directly move on to some suggestions.

Take pledges. Yes, I know most of us can’t hold ourselves and ultimately we break our pledges. But, few can! Take pledges on a regular basis, and when you’ll find yourself breaking those regularly, there are chances, that your thinking can change. And take it this way, few people actually hold themselves to such vows, if done on a regular basis, these few will add up, making the number go high and so the things coming on the path.

What Can be done?

  • No to plastics. No need to tell about the hazardous nature of these. You can include this in your pledge too.
  • No food, water, paper, land wastage. This part is very important because, at some point in our life, we do waste such things(many a time, knowingly(Thank you selfishness!)). And that without these, life is impossible(Life without paper impossible? indirectly, yes), please make sure you’re saving everything. Can be included in pledges.
  • Proper usage of vehicles, machines. Yes, by avoiding excessive use of personal vehicles, things can improve. Start relying more on public transport. By machines, I give more emphasis on ACs. Warm environments require AC, it’s all fine, but… by using ACs excessively, we’re denying help towards a better environment, because ACs exhale gases harmful for our nature, thus adding to global warming.
  • Support organizations. There are many organizations working for the wellness of our earth. Please do your bit in supporting their goals.
  • Planting plants/trees. Done even on an individual basis is of utmost help to nature.

Some more ways to help in creating a better environment(especially for communities/countries) :

  • Leading the way towards 100% renewable energy
  • Eliminating crop biofuels could free up as much as 9% of land area Eliminating food waste could effectively increase production by 40% 
  • Degraded lands can meet future palm oil demand without deforestation
  • Avoiding deforestation in the name of urbanization.
  • Avoiding pesticides and herbicides increased food security (UN report)
  • Increasing soil carbon provides greater yields and better nutrition
  • Natural silicate rock additives can increase soil carbon
  • Stopping disposal of industrial waste in water bodies
  • Planting Moringa can greatly increase nutrition in drought-prone areas
  • Diverting urban compostable waste to farms could greatly increase soil fertility (PDF)
  • Breeding phytonutrients back into crops is key nutrition strategy
  • Investing in Agroecology to increase climate resilience
  • Promoting seed saving for heirloom crops
  • Replacing annuals with perennial grain crops for food security (FAO report)
  • Utilizing AI solutions for optimized crop placement (Prospera)
  • Torrefaction: using biochar tech to increase soil fertility for rice crops
  • Shifting lifestyles to eat less meat, and less food in general (Climate Focus)
  •  Pollinators directly affect the yield and quality of 75% of globally important crops 
  • Alternative protein sources – insect meal, substitute meat, seaweed
  • The role of MPAs and sustainable fisheries for coastal food security.
  • Vote cautiously. Choose the government which is inclined towards nature and promises development without disturbing nature.

*These are just a few methods to get back on the right track, you know, more things can be done on an individual level.

But what’s actually happening?

Isn’t this beautiful?

Talked about what we can do, just a brief account of how things got dirty on Earth and why there are so many earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, etc.

The basic (and proper) answer is over-exploitation of natural resources, wildlife, deforestation, pollution, wars, and ever-increasing industries. As I already wrote in The world is on fire, the increase in carbon emissions, cutting down of forests, overuse of fossil fuels, are some of the most threatening shits happening around the earth. What do you think these earthquakes, floods, droughts, volcano eruptions, hurricanes are? If you don’t know, let me tell you. Because we(worthy(selfish) humans) are unable to keep a check on our activities(most prominently environment degrading ones), the almighty nature has its ways to keep things under control, yes these ways are destroying our lives but because we never cared, nature is curing us(We must enforce in our life “Prevention is better than cure”).

We need to understand the ill effects of our habits because there’s still a little time left to make things better, or like Lil dicky said “Death is near”. Give your best to your surrounding and be the hero of our survival on our home, our Earth!

Love needs to be given to nature
and peace in our home, our earth
modifications won't work!

Lil dicky, his team and all those artists who collaborated did an amazing job. This message is huge!

At last, my humble request to everyone reading this, please spread the message. Let people know about what’s happening and what they can do. And to the UN and all the countries(in case any official is reading this), please take strict action against those harming our environment, our Mother Earth. And please encourage sustainable development, without exploiting our nature.

By the way, tomorrow is Earth Day, so Happy Earth day.

Note: I didn’t wrote any facts and all, just the message. If you want to read more(about facts or pledges, etc.), please check the references.

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