Pool of negative energy

July 6, 2019

I'm lost in this pool
of strong negative energy
it pulls me from the cosy mind
saying "there's a surprise"
not actually telling me
the terms and conditions applied.

Being naive, with amaze, 
I always accept this surprise
thinking of getting some productive thoughts
But as soon as I touch the surprise
it feels like I'm trying to swim
in the pool full of negativity.

At some random moment always,
I start drowning helplessly.
I shout on a regular basis
"Help, Help, Please help!"
Yes I do get some help everytime,
kind of opposite nature.
They pour bucket full of
useless advises and taunts on me
making my consciousness, dead.

Far away a friend, always sees this,
She comes, pulls my unconscious body
and while chanting some mysterious mantras,
puts me on the mattress, in a stable way.
I am thankful for this friend
"the sleep" for saving me each time.

A Curious question arises,
Aren't these surprises life-threatening?
Obvious answer is yes,
but effective one, definitely no!
The more I'll swim, the more I'll learn.
Every-time I find new places to drown
while preventing the previous ones.

This way I'll get rid of
the surprises I'm getting in vain,
because once the unsafe places got discovered,
there'll be no place to swim.
In such case, happily,
I'll come out of this pool,
in the shower of positivity,
rejoicing every moment.
I'll ban the entry that pool,
after all it's my fully conscious system,
the only thing in my coverage,
but till then,
let's drown!

I wrote this poem in a bad time, when I was surrounded by negative energy. I kept writing this poem without stopping for a second. It might seem negative, but it’s not!
This poem gives me hope that everything will be fine one day and I just have to go with the flow(I thank Issy for teaching me this).