Losing Friends

June 1, 2019

Back to the polished times
I made one, and lost another,
in the mist of time
where best ones are separated
to break hearts and, nerves
collecting the emotions in a secret drum,
filled with excuses and role-plays
of "I'm busy", and "I'm here".

Fake dimension, fake people, fake fancy,
certainly get the limelight
for betraying one more bug
of human Trust, friendship and care.

And what left behind is,
broken parts of hearty wisdom
sticking to the isolated jar
of loneliness, unstoppable inner cries
demanding nothing, but more fancy friends
to break one more time,
bursting, into an emotionless 'happy' bug

So this might be one of my most negative poem. Truth is, I’m tired of all these friendships(with very few exceptions(any doubts? contact me)). Whom I used to call my best friends, best people are nowhere to be seen now, as if I never existed or maybe everything was just fake. One more reason is, sometime they ignore me, then I ignore them, it’s like a mutual reaction of something really complicated in which I generally end up overthinking(totally fine with me, until I start sharing such things here *lol*). I miss their support, love and talks but there’s nothing I can do. You know that feeling when only one person tries and you feel like where’s my other hand? I want to clap.
All I learnt is to not keep expectations from anyone and you’ll remain happy.

P.S. Work of my half-unconsciousness

So, I really appreciate if you were there in your friend’s good and bad times and are still with him/her. Trust me, it’s the best one can do and it really feels great and generates smile, the true one.

Thank you and sorry for reading and yeah, You’re The Best !

Image source : Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels