Enlightening myself

November 21, 2019

Throw me under your shoes
and watch me growing below that
hit me hard, do the required abuse
and wait for my move, beneath your hat. 

Wash my goodness, curse me hard
I’ll cure myself, got strong wishful stars
don’t let me write, push me in my graveyard
I’ll sneak out of coffin, got peace for your filthy wars. 

Desert my surroundings, deteriorate my growth
I’ll track every step back, making myself independent
limit the quasars enlightening my success oath
this I assure, I won’t be less confident.

Stop the happy rain, falling for my dreams 
gonna tell the world, how incredible a teen can be
cut my roots, burn my rhymed reams
on the portrait of your regressive ideas, I’ll plant a tree. 


– Enlightening myself by Jashn Maloo