Words from the Worst


Just another work of negativity!

Words From The Worst

For the silence like a bun’
To this world, a loser Champ
ignored by many, many a times
still living with Harsh life
Crying for people who ditched me
While living for those who hurt me
From bad to the worst
these are words from the worst.

What I say usually breaks me
Before in tears now in pieces,
To conclude the thrust of life
I talk occasionally online,
never looking at the danger thou
which makes me slow bad and low.
just certain things makes me happy and proud
in the sea of anger I see myself as hungry crowd
Eyes may swish problems sometimes
but words from the worst makes feel alive.

Concentrated at I don’t know
reacted to lonely approach
of people who leave like mayflies
But I am still here
getting scolded, humiliated and joked
So what if I do try some fun.
I know, I was born with a bad luck
in the sunlight of sad night
but the future is mine
with victory and clashes I will dine!

I do have right to live
after all a human being I’m
thou with worst cases to share.
so listen to the words from the worst
To break the rules, not the trust.


So you see, how a person with negativity feels? Don’t let them feel so by sharing talks, listening to them. A person can be disturbed due to many things, sometimes he/she can recover itself. But most of the time, help is needed.  And yes, Please change the way you think, stop bullying, playing games with people. If you can be helpful, it’s awesome or else don’t push a life in danger.

Listen to your neighbors, friends. Ask them to share everything which makes them feel low.


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