Women’s day. Just one day to celebrate?

Why just a single day for the one 

Who sleeps only after her loved ones
Who never leaves a chance to smile
Who backs us in all life situations
Who encourages peace and prosperity
Who fights for family, country, ans humanity 
Who keeps calm in every situation
Who teaches the values of life
Who decorates heart of a human 
Who preserves culture and tradition 
Who never denies faith in truth. 

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s day every year. But why just one day? Why just for one day we praise women in different fields for their work? Why do we forget their presence in the rest of the days? The work they do, the way they perform their duties, it is all incomparable. Equality, respect, and praise are some of the things we can do or work for, to celebrate women’s day on a regular basis thus making correct the saying, “Everyday is a women’s day”.

What and Why?

Not just women’s day, we, humans find great joy in celebrating Independence day, father’s day, mother’s day, earth day but… Only one day!
We often forget our responsibilities towards people, earth & country and just to gain some praise, we post photos, videos, posts on social media for those who don’t even know about it. Today’s youth is very sensitive towards the betterment of society, but still most of them are hiding behind the mask of social media bashing their teachers, country like everyday, and instead of making a difference, all they are trying to do is, “to be different” by portraying themselves as those who care the most for their parents, teachers, country, etc. by posting some emotional posts on National/International day.

Like my mom said two days ago, “People today are so mean, they do not care about anyone almost 360 days and when there’s this ‘dedicated’ day, to get applause from so-called followers, everyone starts showing off love for the respective.”
Without evaluating the love, affection and trust, our parents and mother earth shower on us, we always take them for granted, which is DEFINITELY NOT DONE.

Thank god, there’s a SUN-day every week or else residing in the artificial lights, people might forget the presence of supreme energizer out in the space.

Be respectful to all, every second. Compliment them immediately for the work they are doing, share your feelings, love with them and you’ll see everyday, a day of celebration!

I wanted to write this since October 2018(got no time:( ), but when I saw people hyping so much about woman’s day, I thought it’s the time. By the way, I thank every woman out there for bringing happiness and peace. Happy Women’s day 🙂

Opinion is always welcomed.

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3 thoughts on “Women’s day. Just one day to celebrate?

  1. This is beautiful.
    And I totally agree, it sounds superficial when we have a single day to celebrate the greatness shown by nearly half of the population when each of us contribute equally everyday be it anybody of any gender. And on a serious note this is beautiful and speaks so much with just so few words. To all the women out there, I know you are all fighters and warriors and you deserve the respect everyday because you too are a human. A happy women’s day to literally everybody out there.

    Beautifully written and no other explanation is required. It speaks so loud for itself.
    You really are a talented writer

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