With hopes, deserving dreams

With a muffler around the cold neck
jacket covering the big-little shivering body
Shoes hiding the wounds of war,
war with himself, to be ahead of life,
He went out for another try, at yet another destination
thinking of getting accepted by the rulers of this world.

Walking on the congested roads
he saw his past, running barefooted
to achieve dreams, rather impossible.
Calling it the journey experienced by a few,
he catches upon a thought with a cup of hot tea,
as in his thoughts he’s building a cute little home.

He brightens the lights, darkened by others,
tries everywhere he can be a possible asset
sure gets empty handed, but has not emptied hopes,
he makes way to his rented chawl
figuring out father’s untouched notes
he puts down the muffler and prepares for another shot.

With hopes, deserving dreams by Jashn Maloo

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