We can cry!


Just another writeup of feelings to feel better(off course Crying makes me feel better) while thinking about our Mother Earth too.

We Can Cry!

If there’s something destroying us,
If there’s anything pinching us,
If there’s no way out,
We know we can cry
Without letting others know.

If there’s no light,
If there’s no relation,
If there’s no treatment,
We know we can cry,
But we don’t.

If there’s this pain demarcating us,
If there’s some fight,
If there’s only lie,
We know we can cry,
To show how much it hurts.

If there’s no water,
If there’s no food,
If there’s no air,
We know we can cry,
In the hell indeed.

Peace, happiness seem to be overhyped topics, but there aren’t. Just because we lack this, I and many others write about this. I’m not Anti-human(lol) but I don’t know why because of some, we all(including Mother Earth) are suffering. We’re humans, the most intelligent specie on Earth, and so we must be polite to our Mother too. So a small request to all not to indulge in any kind of fights, crimes and wars. We can Instead spend time with nature, and I’m sure it really feels good and if not, we know “We Can Cry” in a closed room(Let’s not make it a way of life) 💯.


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