The Dilli wala dost


So, This friend(Sorry, Best friend(BFF!)) of mine, after promising to be with me while preparing for medical entrance left the coaching institute. Bro, this is for you –

Something –

I saw you as an intelligent one
with superb talks and humor
and there with instinct of faith,
I made you my seat partner,
while thinking none,but you as great!

The time swished making bond stronger
from stranger to a bff
who knows about my everything,
from love life to future plans.

To me you’re of great help
coz you never said no to me,
thou you liked to be at home more
missing classes, exams af

You made me fearless,
made be bold,
Made me talk like stupidity in a bowl.
With stiff hands, we ate a lot
went to bathroom, for a company as a whole.

Those ‘Dilli se hu talks’ and
‘Nehal is life’,
build the trust, like diamond’s shine.
I miss you dude,
the Army brat who’s not prude.

You talked of net,
love and crime,
waiting for holidays was not fine,
You said you’re going for few days,
Little did I know you left the class.

Now with distance learning shit,
you’ll be able to cope up with school.
Don’t know, if’ll you’ll miss me or not.
But mind it bro,
Whenever we’ll meet,
I’ll kick you hard,
Laughing in this pain,
Just in your backyard!


You promised to come on 21 December, but forgot!
Nevermind dude, just be my bro!
РDedicated to Tejasvi Bro

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