A word is enough

To click on the heart,There needs an ambition,To make it burst,A Word Is Enough!To talk to heart,Demand is just silence,To disturb its feelings,A Word Is Enough!Nocent the world is,Sensitive is the heart,To wake it up from peace,A Word Is Enough!Best we behave,By smiling through feelings,To make it crush,A Word Is Enough!Great dreams, with many streams,Our… Read more A word is enough


Isn’t this word wonderful? It cleverly creates distinct pleasures, issues and feelings. You might be missing it because love isn’t common! Got it always in pieces,Since it’s sacrosanctFrom family members and all,I chose not to robA drop of it,snatches human’s normal lifeand denuding it,makes a person dieWhy its nosedive?making everything null,even a philanthropist saysa sudden… Read more Love

We can cry!

  Just another writeup of feelings to feel better(off course Crying makes me feel better) while thinking about our Mother Earth too. We Can Cry! If there’s something destroying us,If there’s anything pinching us,If there’s no way out,We know we can cryWithout letting others know. If there’s no light,If there’s no relation,If there’s no treatment,We… Read more We can cry!