Isn’t this word wonderful? It cleverly creates distinct pleasures, issues and feelings. You might be missing it because love isn’t common! Got it always in pieces,Since it’s sacrosanctFrom family members and all,I chose not to robA drop of it,snatches human’s normal lifeand denuding it,makes a person dieWhy its nosedive?making everything null,even a philanthropist saysa sudden… Read more Love

Sombre Twit

  Mood swings and negativity may push off a lot but surely makes you creative! Sombre Twit   I was just wondering ’bout The fact of me being lout, That many a times, Stand there I mournful Not plamy, but shy Sophism consisting of only lie Waiting for shrewdness, Falling afar I sombre Now awake… Read more Sombre Twit

Peace path

  So the world is preferring wars instead of peace and love? Peace Path Yet we search for path In this zany world of wrath To unite ourselves faithfully To be trustworthy truthfully Suspection mixed with absolute wry Souls now usually cry Uneven showdowns for peace Making the world live with ease In modern era,… Read more Peace path

Accursed Girl Child

  Surely, we are encouraging gender equality, but there are still some tribes or places where girls are somehow abandoned. Let’s find them and help to increase gender equality. Accursed Girl Child In this mistreaty world, There lies bestial myths Harm to life, Supported by old orthodoxy Ample of people believe those And wise can't… Read more Accursed Girl Child

Fine! (very short poem + advice)

  Fine! Get fine Do fine Hope fine Create fine Think fine Write fine Still when nothing is fine.   The more the world becomes worst, The more fine you should try, To make the world cry, With happiness of your shine! JashnJust a human being to serve this world.

Suicidal Hero

  Help fight this world with negativity and encourage people not to even think about suicide. Suicidal Hero This world distracts, From getting a fine life Pressure, jealousy and competition, Push behind from a happy life Sudden depart of positivity Paves way for negative vibes And living in this confusing world, Is just a waste… Read more Suicidal Hero

Blissful Start

  A Very short poem on the Blissful life’s Blissful start 🙂 Blissful Start I made some mistakes, Some were my faults, And in between, My life started having aches Speedy at the thoughts, Trying to ditch the world Hiding somewhere behind, Waiting life to be arrogant Seeking the possibilities alive, Pushing the past down… Read more Blissful Start