Life’s Part

  In accordance with Nature’s love! Life’s Part Creeping for thoughts, I wrote my feelings every second and in dwellings, I found myself to be worried, With more emotions and heavy heart I found you checking my life’s part   Suffered the life being very hard to forget the route of bloody past, Checking the… Read more Life’s Part

Best-Friends never ignore

  Just like a normal day, I took my phone and turned on the internet. Going through the normal notifications net connection turned off about 20 times in less than 10 minutes. I felt like Whoush!!, what’s happening. Just then a message – “Dude, I know you’re ignoring me.” Starting from introduction, it was a… Read more Best-Friends never ignore

I Know Nothing!

  Short Poem – Waking up after a while Balancing the body going upside Thinking about my thoughtless mind I walked like a moron   People say me dumb Teachers call me stupid Even when the world knows that I know nothing   Dancing and singing I fell on the fencing Tracing the thoughts hurly-burly… Read more I Know Nothing!