I fear

  I Fear! Because negativity sucks and it threatens me(but positive thinking comes soon). In just a sudden thought I asked myself do you have any fear? And the answer to this queer question simply says ‘Yes, many!’ I fear, in tears of loneliness I feel it’s certain that I lose my mind. I try… Read more I fear

Are All Mean?

Just a question – Do they ask you about your Wellness? Or do they share some talks? The must be ignoring all the time Even in case you forget your rhyme They’ll show the greatness Their power and way to abuse But in the meantime they’ll surely come For it’s the time of the work… Read more Are All Mean?

Mood swings!

  We all hate these mood swings? Mood swings Life Rings The bell of love To kill the dove On the matter of Trust Filled with hate’s crust Needed to begin a fight While mind feeling not alright Much of stress Lying afresh on mattress Waiting for the rise Of good mood’s size To think… Read more Mood swings!

Sombre Twit

  Mood swings and negativity may push off a lot but surely makes you creative! Sombre Twit   I was just wondering ’bout The fact of me being lout, That many a times, Stand there I mournful Not plamy, but shy Sophism consisting of only lie Waiting for shrewdness, Falling afar I sombre Now awake… Read more Sombre Twit