These non-working relations


Non-working relations

For a change in thoughts
let’s reset these relations,
which were never fruitful
they just lacerate the feelings,
while weeping worn out humans
All the way tardy and shrinked
they disable ‘thoughts, out of the box’
These are slashed through sharp swords which can’t be retrieved even by years of operation
And applying antiseptic to cure these, makes them work like ink in a pen.

We do Shut our heart’s lane,
to avoid mischievous entries,
to help ourselves being safe,
better, to prevent miscible boozy.
Life is like a gate,
we know where to enter!
What to work, how to proceed
and at last quitting this relations, breaking them solemnly, we exit.

Is there any need of suffering from some harsh relations. Answer can be yes or no, but let’s prefer No and reset these. You’ll definitely see the change.

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