Isn’t this word wonderful? It cleverly creates distinct pleasures, issues and feelings. You might be missing it because love isn’t common!

Got it always in pieces,
Since it's sacrosanct
From family members and all,
I chose not to rob

A drop of it,
snatches human's normal life
and denuding it,
makes a person die

Why its nosedive?
making everything null,
even a philanthropist says
a sudden relax, then dull

It sites in feelings,
not in the face,
makes us soulful
So, no rhythm and pace

True, it sorely touches,
the internal of every heart
that in a trice, febrile
like a breakthrough in the end.

But don’t be negative, I’m here(thou sometime not, but you can always contact me through this site).

And and, This site gonna be bigger in coming year, so be here!

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