These damn thoughts, but I’ll be fine


For occasions to come, months to pass and seconds to be counted, things will get better. It’s not how I see things, things, habits and work of others, the only thing people want is – ‘ a person who will listen, will do whatever we will say, and must not get angry if we prefer things we like against of what that person says. The person is not allowed to not is not allowed to do any mistake, but if we do, we must not realise that mistake and if the person says something about our mistake, we will tell that it is because of you, this blunder is not committed by me. And if things do not work this way comma comma comma we will say sorry in such a tone that the person will definitely feel guilty and will ask to forgive for something wrong not done by that person.

Here’s the start

Right from the day I discovered that I can feel too comma people made me realise that because of this feeling shit comma I will suffer a lot and that, that, they will use me to the full extent and I… I will not be able to do anything, will be unable to save myself from this destruction.
For some unknown reasons, I always try to bind with people. In every moment, I try my best that people who are friends with me or in relation with me should never feel sad. For anything happening bad, I openly take the take the responsibility. But in vain, I end up hurting those people hurting those people for reasons unknown even to me.

For any mistake comma mistake comma comma any issues related or not related to me, I have been called guilty from my childhood and unfortunately with little latest, I accept this every time . After all, if something is making the person binded with me feel good, I am fine with accepting switch mistakenly called guilty things.

Now I know

But from my little experience of 16 years of life, I’ve found people taking me for granted. Like they can can do anything and I will say nothing. People cheat on me on such things and that’s what hurts me hurts me a lot. But then I can’t even say anything to them or else they will feel bad.

Then there’s one more thing called as ego. Some says it is important to keep ego or else your self respect will drown while some says one should never have ego, it drowns people. Then there are some more people who say Ego is bad, well on the other side they can’t live without that. Here, I just want to say one thing that Ego is it still in my underpants but, don’t press the trigger. Because it’s high time time, I’ve suffered what people wanted me to suffer and now this one’s going to stop. I am still holding on the f****** ego because once it is out I don’t know what will happen.

Best time will come. I’ll be fine

Difficult time comes in everyone’s life and so was / is in my life. But I promise things will get better. I will be be fine. So till then make sure the person you are living with our friends with our friends with living with our friends with friends with is happy because seeing someone’s happiness and mine in news is is news is is in news is is news is is happiness of its own own which is just fantastic.
And please try to avoid being the person who wants a puppet like described above the one who listens everything and says nothing.
Last words, please sorry because currently my mind is evoking so much of thoughts that I’m unable to control anything but what time, I will be fine.

Thank you

– Jashn

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