Issy, The best sister ever!

So, here’s a tribute poem to the best sister. She takes care of everyone and above this, she’s loved by everyone. It’s true we don’t have any blood relations but as we’re not ‘Blood-Thirsty’ our bond without being filled with blood, is like Universe – Huge, Unexplored, Never ending and interesting.

Issy, the best sister ever

We say we contort things
But haven’t you met her?

Consume her instead of Alcohol
You’ll see a range of positivity
Make her talk a little to you,
You’ll feel better, better than ever.

A champion who leads others
with her resonating view.
Resisting world’s punchy thoughts
she wakes with her prime glitz.
A pretty girl who leaves éclat
with every single word spoken,
Her steps on the success path
are chimed on this earth.

For me she’s more than a treasure
The one who calms my wrath
Savage in every vista
She ponders food the most.
smiling giddily constantly
She’s crowned as the best sister ever,
my natty experimental partner
She’s Issy, a perfect Homo sapien.

Heyaa, Happy Birthday Issy ❤💯. See ya soon.

Dedicated to – Tanushree (Issy❤)

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