Is everything okay?


Is everything okay?

“Hell to positivity, hell to life”. You must be thinking what the f*** I am saying. Well I used to think the same but this can generate in anyone. In fact many people of this world are in the hands of depression and have this feeling of death occurs frequently. But what’s life’s mistake? What’s the purpose of the sole negativity?

Deep inside the body, the feelings lies, coupled with heart and mainly constituted by brain and its components namely neurones. All this mechanism may intake sometimes some harmful words (basically scoldings or overthinking) which are not only beneficial for nervousness, problems but sometimes for death too. what we do it all together reflected in our mind. Due to a bad(or insane) habits it can take power in others or because of our doings of constant thinking which are mostly over ones can harm us too. And so there’s no point aiming life for our worthy problems. Because we are not the originator of our life and so we’ve got no rights to end this.

Help? How?

We ask people if everything is okay in their life or if they need any kind of help, we are here. In most cases the sufferer tries to avoid telling nothing happened. I’m fine but realizing that he or she is not ok, we must ask this question at least thrice or more. What happens is, constant questions for help unveil the hidden problems and the person tells truth. Like the same way, we must ask ourselves about the happenings because neglecting stress is fine but living with the same is very dangerous.

With so much tension like the way a string breaks, with lots of pressure and stress a body starts breaking into pieces. While having someone who can really join these pieces back helps to get relief in depression short of things. and the best part to avoid such is, – “No, I’m not stressed”. There should be no word related to this for yourself. Then you know, you can easily build yourself with success added. please mind that suicides are neither reasonable nor worthy. Instead help others and feel the real worth of life while learning and enjoying every moment.


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