I Should!

A sincere thanks to everyone out there, to all the negative and positive vibes I’ve ever  experienced. Because today, I’m determined to maintain a balance, no power to negative vibes, and so to the positive ones. Just a balance, pure and superb.

Here’s something I prepared to tell myself that now, I should! 

Incrementing my faith day by day,
not judging it from thoughts
is something I still need to achieve.
Yes, it goes on defeating my negative vibes
by giving out way for happiness
But it still tries to hide
from some unknown mysterious reasons.

Should I work to make it less complicated?
Brain says yes, but body denies,
And that's why it's too complicated.
While the brain says, "stick to balance",
My body retards by shooting out insane feelings
it encourages me to give power to one,
insulting my brain, either plus or minus.

For obvious reasons, I want plus to nurture more
Without coming in the suffocating hands of minus.
But who listens to this brain? Who cares for it?
At any moment, possibilities can go wrong and yes it happens,
And to drown these unwanted possibilities,
There's no way, but a solution, risky and pure,
That I should!

Yayy, I’m feeling so good after writing this.

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