Happy Birthday Chester [Tribute]

Today is 43rd birthday of Linkin Park’s former lead vocalist and a true inspiration, Late Chester Bennington. He was a sensation. The way he used to sing, with different vibes, giving life to the ever-relatable lyrics will always make us remember him. Chester, thank you for making music an important part of my life. All I can do is, to miss you.

This is for you Chester

Life is like a castle of glass
We all are same on the Inside
breaking our habits with the catalyst
To prevent battle symphony
Because in the end
We might get lost in the echo
And feeling numb
There'll be questions like
What I've done?
Have I let down myself?
Is there any place for my head
Am I out of time?
Then moving one step closer
I'll find that somewhere I belong
And when people will say, "don't stay
I'll be faint in the next moment 
crawling on the papercuts
Then there'll be no more sorrow
Because I'd Burnt it down
While rolling in the deep,
My shadow of the day,
My suffering about which
I've been lying from you

I think its never too late for runaway
to work on the system, or else
Even fire will become powerless
When I'll be gone.

It feels proud to be your fan!

One more thing is that Chester committed suicide which is a very bold step. I request every person out there, whether reading this or not to please take care of your loved ones. Depression is dangerous, ask people how they are doing? are they happy? is everything okay? Do anything but make sure they’re safe. Awareness regarding mental health is very important. Suicides and depression must be eliminated! Here’s a directory dedicated to mental health helplines available in almost every country by Egg Gang.

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