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What if, someone who you feel must be with you, is far(very far) from you? You feel happy? Even if we analyze, the percentage of the people who may feel happy is not more than 0.1%. But then why we keep on asking ourselves to be happy?

This mind wants a peaceful, happy life not mixed with sorrows(which is quite impossible). And so, at every moment we ask ourselves to be happy, content and calm. But there are moments, when you do not feel the same, to make your mind relaxed and smiling. And we ask for efforts from all those we love. But, it’s difficult. It’s difficult for people to give their efforts, I’m not blaming them for my unhappiness(Coz I’m happy 🙂 ) and I do respect whatever problems they are going through. It’s just that when you’re unable to reach for something special, don’t put questions on others for why they were not available there at the special or some heartbreaking moment.(This may be off topic, but that’s what my mood told me)

Happiness in World

Seeing collectively the happiness index of this world , I’m so much retarded as the World happiness accounts for a score of just 5.305 (as of 2017), which is almost half of the total.

Now you see, doesn’t matter Who? What? Why? someone intrudes into your daily activities, making you sad. All you have to do is, just check your feelings, whether got hurt or not.Yes, sometimes I do say “I’m sad” orThat was not good, my feelings got hurt”. And that may be included in the Happiness report. But the point is, apart from this regular sadness, I’m being powered by a lot of positivity by my friends and family. The biggest factor of happiness is, It increases your living efficiency, your health, and your brain power. 

So now, even if I’m hurt by someone and I feel sad for that, I’ll try to cheer myself to love and live the life to the full by seeking arrangements to reduce the sadness and by rectifying the problems and sources of unhappiness. And for more ways, do check the internet and take help of the experienced ones.

After all, The world is yours, yours is love. Wait, Work, Wish! and Love, Live, Laugh!

Take Care!

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