To 2020

Do you remember that water-glass analogy where we’re supposed to be either optimistic, saying that glass is half filled. If I apply that analogy to 2020, I swear the person will see the worst of me. We’re just 4 months into 2020 and it is treating us excruciatingly like we’re in some worst place. Looking… Read more To 2020

Losing Friends

A poem depicting what happens when one loses friends or better to say fake people. How the power of feelings, trust change and mind asks to be emotionless.

One of my most negative work with a piece of suggestion and sorry at the end.

We love the Earth, right?

Lil dicky’s new song “Earth” is much more than a message towards the betterment of our nature at the crucial time of Earth day.
Here are some points of discussion and ways to make our surrounding better for our survival. Renewable energies, trees, our behaviour towards nature hold very great value in this situation.
Read more to know what to do, how to provide support.

Peace path

  So the world is preferring wars instead of peace and love? Peace Path Yet we search for path In this zany world of wrath To unite ourselves faithfully To be trustworthy truthfully Suspection mixed with absolute wry Souls now usually cry Uneven showdowns for peace Making the world live with ease In modern era,… Read more Peace path