Best phase of life – School

My time has stopped
it’s still at that cozy place
where I lost my heart
to some favorite memories
which included, serving class as monitor
checking diary, saving defaulters
getting scolded by teachers for obvious reasons
playing simultaneously the games of life
Throwing things for amazement,
fighting for seat’s territory,
appealing the monitors to save us,
and making their fun just the next moment,
bunking the classes for serious joy,
Changing seats at the time of checking,
applying fake ticks to the submission list,
participating in wondrous competitions,
boasting about random weird stuff,
attempts to be teachers’ favorite,
unaccepted one-sided love of exams,
worst(and best) time of marks announcement,
Hope based parents-teacher meet
where teacher unveils true character,
the most lovable PE periods
which sometimes got substitution too,
the ‘trying to be a hacker’ computer class
the much-awaited lunchtime
when canteen became our heaven,
The Curiosity of last period,
The ‘crush of all’ teacher,
the war based meetings outside school
Tastiest veg roll, momos,
The ‘boom’ in Diwali time,
The neverending abuses about this and that.
It’s the place where happiness happened
happened grief and guilt
Where relations were unbroken
and friendship came first,
the place whose last day
still feels miserable
yes, my time has stopped there.

And I still regret leaving MPS…

I would’ve written more because there are countless such memories, but emotions are bitchy.

Many of my friends used to say that I’ve not done anything extremely adventurous at the school, but I’ve captured everything.

MPSites, love from this side. I miss you MPS ❤️

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