To the best people I’ve ever got


Life is never about your individual self, but about the society, you’re being developed from and the people responsible for this development. Without these certain people, I doubt life is ever successful!

Issue? Help is available

I generally try to remain within myself, but then these on-duty guys of mine always distract me from negative thoughts. I don’t actually remember how I made them my “Special ones” but now feel grateful on this achievement of getting the Best people of this world. They got a sense organ through which they catch my negative vibes and make me feel like a Startup having 100x funding. These “Special ones” are seriously necessary for life. My special people got a short form: T-PAKT. For those living with certain sadness or related things, give your best friends a heartsome try to be Special. They’ll be your true love, your faith, and motivation for an amazing career. But yes, be honest, helpful and kind towards them. For everything else, their support is enough.

Are they God gifted?

To be honest, yes! Their sense of feeling and understanding is just the God level. Be calm, and attached to your special one/es. If you feel like dead,¬†ring them up and everything else is monitored by them. It’s a must have department for your own Government! And I’m sure they’ll never be corrupt. They are Higgs Boson(God particles) whose force will extract negativity from you.¬†They may be sometimes busy, but then the love comes soon, the help comes soon. These guys will definitely try to hide their feelings. Be a listener and solve their issues. Then in the true sense, you’ll be their special one too.

To my goals, they are Moira and for my distracted mind, some counteracting agents.

Be with me, like a light, which is damn fast to save this world!

For more information, contact your best friends.

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