Started as a personal blog, Jashn(Happiness) is growing towards providing serenity to the over-powered World. While posting from poems to articles, we are trying to prove that immature ones can write too, that’s too “The Better pieces”.

For Betterment

Jashn may have posts focusing on an individual(For example – Life is just a tune) or to certain groups or to the world comprising our beloved societies and the smart population. To all those who feel can write and give their share to change this world can definitely join this not-so-rubbish site aiming for betterment. Authors can dedicate posts to someone they want to too.

Starting with numerous posts, we may publish our own magazine with some extra ordinary columns consisting some special talks or topics while adding the best of this site too. With one motto to lead, We, with Happiness, with Happiness will spread Jashn.

Help us in fight with depression, negativity, suicides and Cancer with Troth Foundation.

We write for free, for the readers to read for free!